America’s Virtual Ethanol Pipeline Starts Here.

About Us

What is Manly Terminal?

Manly Terminal is an ethanol and multi-product (caustic soda, sulfuric acid, HCL, oil, etc.) storage and reload facility on a unique 100-acre location in North Central Iowa. What makes the location unique? It is located within 300 miles of over half of all ethanol production in the United States (approximately 6 billion gallons in 2010) and has direct access to the nation’s Class I Rail Carriers through the Iowa Northern Railway Company.

Manly Terminal also provides an array of other strategic benefits to the renewable-fuels industry including expanded market access, improved rail car utilization, rail car trip leasing options and end-to-end single invoice logistics solutions through partner KAG Ethanol Logistics.

As a result of government mandates and worldwide pressure to find alternative fuel sources, the ethanol industry has stabilized and is a growing market in our economy today. Manly Terminal is positioned to play a critical role in the success of this vitally important industry by delivering significant renewable-fuels, supply-chain improvements and efficiencies. America’s virtual ethanol pipeline truly does start right here!

Why should I contact Manly Terminal?

By bringing all of the key players of the ethanol transportation industry together, we are able to provide a truly unique service to ethanol customers throughout the country. Regardless of whether you are a producer, marketer, trader, or end-user, you have an obligation to your organization to secure the most efficient and dependable supply-chain options available. We are confident that our strategic location and ability to package these services and manage the delivery process from beginning to end will allow us to help solve many of the challenges you face, while reducing your overall supply-chain costs.